ABAITA means in both North Italian dialect and Hebrew language “the home”. Our logo is the very union between those two identities.


 Abaita is a casually elegant restaurant led by Chef David and Sruli, serving food, wine & beer in a comfortable, but refined atmosphere. Our team is driven by a commitment to serve the most delicious food with the most gracious hospitality.

Abaita’s open kitchen hosts a Wood Burning Oven, which is the heart of the action. The team works with different techniques and seasonal ingredients, all to create handmade fresh food and bring warmth and exciting flavors to the table.


 Back in March 2020, when all NYC restaurants first closed for business, the abaita team started to reflect and think of new ways to keep serving our guests with the fresh, delicious food we make daily.  That is how ABAITA KITCHEN was born.

ABAITA KITCHEN menu offers a blend of prepared dishes and special homemade fresh products to elevate your home cooking.

The menu is fridge-friendly, well packaged and ready to be plated or popped into the oven to be reheated.

The KITCHEN menu can be picked up or delivered to your door.  We are currently delivering to homes everywhere. You are welcome to browse the menu and customize your #abaitaBox

It has been a fun journey, and we would love to have you part of it!


 ABAITA opened a dedicated meat commissary kitchen for a limited: ABAITA MEAT EDITION

Our team collaborates weekly to create unique prix fixe menus for Shabbat, for you to enjoy around your dinner table.

A-la-carte items to complement your home cooked meal, are available as well.